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November 29- December 2 AW1: 1st Annual workshop Challenges of computational pan-genomicsPisa, CS DepartmentPisahttps://alpaca-itn.eu/program-in-pisa-november-29th-december-2nd
2/2022SS1: Summer school 1 (5 days)Algorithmic techniques in pan-genomics IP
9/2022AW2: Annual workshop 2 (3 days)Pan-genome sequencing and analysisUNIBI
2/2023WS: Winter wet lab (5 days)Collaborating with wet-lab biologists
11/2023AW3: Annual workshop 3 (3 days) Large-scale pan-genomics NWO-I
7/2024 SS2: Summer school 2 (5 days) Pan-genome applications
11/2024FW: Final workshop (3 days)