Summer School 2 is scheduled for July 2024 and will be organized by Pasteur Institute in France. It is a 4-day event and the provisional program is as follows:

Preliminary course topics: (i) Building and comparing recombination networks (P.Bonizzoni UNIMIB, 1 ECTS); (ii) Advanced Linear Programming (L.Stougie NWO-I, 1 ECTS); (iii) Cancer evolution (G.Della Vedova UNIMIB, 0.5 ECTS); (iv) Probabilistic and machine learning methods (T.Vinař UKBA, 0.5 ECTS); (v) Reproducible research (J.Kö ster, 0.5 ECTS); (vi) Innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercial exploitation (F.Perraudeau PENDULUM, 0.5 ECTS).

The school will include a multi-session hackathon where groups of participants will analyze pan-genomic data sets provided by non-academic partners (analysis leaders Z.Iqbal EMBL, F.Perraudeau PENDULUM, P.Bonizzoni UNIMIB).

Summer School 2: “Pan-genome applications”