Nov. 29 – Dec. 2


MONDAY Nov. 29th
9:00-09:30Opening + Icebreaking
9:30-12:40TRAINING SESSION 1 Eric Rivals “Pattern Matching and Alignment”
    [11:00-11:15] Break
 Alexander Schoenhuth “Phased Genome Assembly”
12:45-14:45LUNCH BREAK
15:00-16:10SCIENTIFIC SESSION 1 [chair: Nadia]
Duccio Medini (GSK-Novartis Vaccines R&D Siena, Italy):
            “The Pangenome: A Data-Driven Discovery in Biology”
Paul Medvedev (Penn State University, USA):
            “The minimizer Jaccard estimator is biased and inconsistent”
16:30-17:10SCIENTIFIC SESSION 2 [chair: Alex]Alessandra Carbone (CNRS & Sorbonne University, France):
            “A phylogenetic reconstruction based on chromosomal rearrangements and multiple genome comparison”
17:10-18:00ALPACA COMMUNITY MEETING [chair: Alex]
18:10Problems sessions
TUESDAY Nov. 30th
9:00-12:15 TRAINING SESSION 2Solon Pissis “Indexing Genomic Sequences”
    [10:30-10:45] Break
Richard Durbin “Population genetic variation”
12:15-14:30 LUNCH BREAK
14:30-15:50 SCIENTIFIC SESSION 3 [chair: Richard]Sandra Smit (Wageningen University, the Netherlands):
            “Construction and (visual) analytics of pangenomes using PanTools” ”
Fabio Vandin (University of Padua, Italy):
             Title TBD
16:10-17:30 SCIENTIFIC SESSION 4 [chair: Eric]Vincenza Colonna (Institute of Genetics and Biophysics CNR, Italy):
            “Pangenomics of inbred mice”
Benedict Paten (University of California Santa Cruz, USA):
            Title TBD
17:30 Problems sessions
9:00-12:15TRAINING SESSION 3Nadia Pisanti “Gender and Diversity Issues”
    [10:30-10:45] Break
Paola Bonizzoni “Ethics in Research, Research Integrity”
12:15-14:30LUNCH BREAK
14:30-16:00 SCIENTIFIC SESSION 5 [chair: Tobias]Erik Garrison (University of Tennessee Health Science, USA):
            “Understanding all variation in telomere-to-telomere genome assemblies    ”
Iman Hajirasouliha (Weill Cornell Medicine, USA):
             “Algorithms and applications of long-range genome sequencing”
16:00-evening Problems sessions inside Social Event

9:00-12:15 TRAINING SESSION 4 Jens Stoye “Pangenomics”
    [10:30-10:45] Break
 Tobia Marschall “Open Challenges in Pangenomics”
12:15-14:30LUNCH BREAK
14:30 Problems sessions